Pentalogic SharePoint Reminder Webpart v1.6 – now supporting Sharepoint recurring events

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Have you every tried to use any of the SharePoint Reminder or Alert web parts on the market – including ours – with Recurring Events in SharePoint Calendar lists?  They just don’t work do they? If you want to send out Alert/Reminder emails about a regular event you have to set up each and every instance of the event as an individual list item in your SharePoint calendar list. Annoying isn’t it?

That’s what our customers have been telling us – and with the latest version of SharePoint Reminder Webpart we have introduced functionality which will allow you to use Reminder with SharePoint’s handy recurring events feature.

It hasn’t been easy. A SharePoint recurring event is actually just one list item – so it’s difficult to get the web part to interpret the recurrence specifications correctly.  There can be problems with things like getting the web part to send Reminder emails for overdue recurring events, and well as “due soon” events. Also we needed to make sure that if one item in a series of events changes – for example if you change your Monday morning meeting to a Tuesday on one week – the web part picks that change up and amends the Reminder emails it sends accordingly.

The new version has been through beta testing and we have had some very positive feedback:

“That little ‘Expanded Recurrences’ check box is a dream come true (I know, I need better dreams!)”


Toby Flowers, Delphi Global Technology

Existing clients can upgrade free of charge at out website, or if you are a new customer you might like to try our 30 day free evaluation trial.

For a quick introduction to the new feature take a look at our video.



Reminder now supports Recurring Events! Watch a video demo


Or for a full breakdown on how Reminder measures up to the competition see our SharePoint Alert enhancement software product comparison chart.

And if you have any questions or comments please do get in touch.

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