Finding where Highlighter is used in a SharePoint site

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Highlighter allows you to easily apply conditional formatting to your SharePoint lists.

A customer recently asked us how to find out where it had been used (which sites, lists and columns).

We wrote this Powershell script to do just that – but it can be adapted to find any custom field type (or even built in fields with certain attributes like name & type).

Note – it’s commonly suggested on the ‘internets to use the SPField.ListFieldUsedIn method but that will only find where a Site Column has been added to a List, not where a custom field has been directly put into a List column. (see an explanation of the difference between Site Columns and List Columns)

You can download the script here – unzip and open in a text editor for instructions.

Run it from the SharePoint Administration Shell with the URL of your site – e.g.

.\FindWhereHighligherUsed.ps1 https://yoursiteurl/

And it will search all sub-sites and lists and return any fields that use Highlighter :-



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