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We are really pleased to let you know about our latest Strategic Partnership with a SharePoint relationship management development company, LookOut Software of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Lookout_logo_sml


LookOut has been in the CRM software business since 1994.  In 2007 they were introduced to SharePoint and made the decision to change development platforms and haven’t looked back since.

LookOut’s CRM Template builds upon the the best of SharePoint adding relationship capability with great client and sales management functionality.  But there are some things that SP just doesn’t do all that well – and as most of us know, Alert Management is one of those things.

LookOut evaluated several options to improve the Alert situation when they came across our Reminder.  Clearly timely responses to customer issues are a fundamental part of Customer Relationship Management, so Lookout needed a flexible and adaptable Alert tool. The Pentalogic Reminder provided the functionality that LookOut was seeking.  They like the date based alerts, reminders of due soon and overdue items and the flexibility offered by using Reminder with views and filters.  They especially like the custom message capability and the way Reminder can be used as “light workflow” that are super simple to create and yet have great efficiency benefits for their clients.

Once LookOut was sold on Reminder, they turned their attention to our other products – PivotPoint and Planner.  A quick demo of the features and functions had LookOut seeing all sorts of uses for these products. They think Planner will help with things like scheduling sales teams’ diary’s and PivotPoint is great for turning CRM list data into real time business intelligence dashboards.

In the process of figuring out how our software is going to work with theirs LookOut suggested uses for our products that we would never have thought of – and spotted some obvious opportunities for new features that we were probably just too close to the products to see for ourselves.  In fact we are due to launch our first new feature as a direct result of a Lookout suggestion next week, so we owe them a big vote of thanks already.

LookOut is due to launch their Stakeholder & Issue Management Template for SharePoint in the second quarter of 2010.  This will be the first SharePoint product of its kind, and we are really looking forward to seeing how our products will add value to this application’s unique environment.

For more information on LookOut’s CRM and SRM SharePoint relationship products visit: .

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