SharePoint Alerts not working?

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This is one of the most common questions posed in SharePoint forums.

SharePoint built in Alerts are one of the best used features of the system – but also one of the most problematic. There are just so many different ways they can go wrong! And when they do go wrong the internet advice available on how to put them right is very fragmented and often confusing. All manner of suggestions come up – many of then not appropriate to the particular problem the user is having.

So, we have had it in mind for a while now to put together a comprehensive guide to trouble shooting Alerts.  Something with a logical flow – which hopefully has all the information you need to solve the problem set out clearly in one place.  Producing this has turned out to be quite a mammoth task – but now we think we are there – and the trouble shooting guide is the centrepiece of the new website.


Over the years we also have amassed quite a store of hints and tips on how to make best use of SharePoints built in Alerts, as well as a good knowledge of the alert enhancement products on the market – so this is all on the site as well.

The site is a work in progress, but already includes:

We want the site to be interactive – so there is space on every page for comments-we hope you will let us have your feedback, or even contribute an article!

N.B. is an information site for SharePoint’s built in “Alert Me” feature.  If you are looking for information on Pentalogic Reminder – you should still visit our on-line manual, or get in touch for free telephone and email support.

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  1. Fantastic Clare, thanks so much!!! LOVE that little site. Short, to the point, easy to understand. PERFECT for my user base. Have sent the link to them all – and there are around 100 000 of them. 🙂

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