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TeamTime 2: SharePoint time tracking reborn

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SharePoint TeamTime version 2 has just been released! Time tracking in SharePoint is now a faster, cleaner, and more customizable experience.

Here are some of the features you’ll see in this new version:

  • A brand new theme
  • Archiving old data
  • Settings for individual users
  • and more …

New Theme

We’ve worked with our designers to produce a simple clean interface to keep the focus on what matters: Tracking and reporting on your teams’ time.


Old data slowing your site down? Archive it away to improve performance. Don’t worry, you can still view the archive’s Reports and Analysis, as well as pulling it into an Overview site.

User Settings

Different people work on different projects, have different working days or hours, and different approvers. Now you can configure all these settings and more on a per-user basis.



Here are some more of the new features we’ve added:

  • Cost Reports: View and export detailed reports on your teams’ costs
  • Change the week start: Don’t start work on a Monday? Now your site can match your working week.
  • Dates on the timesheet: Avoid confusion by displaying the day’s date on the timesheet
  • Hide custom columns: Don’t want to see a custom column in a certain site? Now you can hide it.

Try it out!

Give our 30 day free trial a go:

How do I upgrade?

If you’re already using TeamTime version 1 and have Premium Support, then upgrading is simply a matter of installing the new version and sending us your new Installation Code (as well as your old License Key).

Similarly, if you have purchased TeamTime version 1 in the past 90 days, then we’re happy to upgrade you free of charge.

You can contact us at

SharePoint TeamTime is out now!

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Track and analyze your team’s time with our newest product: SharePoint TeamTime! A ready-to-use timesheet site template for SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

What’s so great about TeamTime you ask? Well let me tell you:

Log your time your way

Want to log your time as you work? Then simply punch in on your personal dashboard to begin the timer:

TeamTime Punchcard

Want to write up your timesheets when it’s convenient for you? Your dashboard has this covered too:

TeamTime Timesheet

Make those numbers work for youTeamTime Analysis

Logging the time is all well and good, but what we really want is to see what all that data adds up to. Don’t waste time working for the numbers; make the numbers work for you.

Using the Analysis page you can drill down to the data you want, and view read-made summaries and graphs.

If you still want more from your numbers, pick the data you want from the Reporting page and export it straight to Excel.

Need more?

  • Per-server licensing: No wasting time trying to license and set up every user; buy it once and forget licensing ever happened.
  • Take the tour: Watch our TeamTime Demo; see if you can count how many times the word ‘time’ is used. It’s a lot, trust me.
  • Free 30 day trial: Download and try it out!