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Tell Us Your SharePont Story and Win a Flip Video

Date:February 16th, 2010 Author: Tags: , , ,
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One of our New Years Resolutions for 2010 was to: “find out how people really use our stuff”.

We really want to understand how people use our Planner, Reminder and Pivot Point in the real world.  We know we have clients from a huge range of industry sectors, so it will be great to see how our software helps with the special challenges of your area. And we know that some of you use 2 or 3 of our products together: we would love to know what you are doing there.

So this year we want to find out how you use our products in your SharePoint environment. If we know how you use them it will help us to improve them!

Just send us a quick email telling us a bit about your business and how you use our products and we will enter you into our free prize draw for the chance to win a funky Flip video camera.

We would really appreciate your help on this one, so if you have a minute free please send us a quick email.


Terms and Conditions

  1. You must be a user of Pentalogic Technology Software in order to enter (free trial users are welcome to enter.)
  2. Entries must be sent to with the subject line “Case Study”
  3. The draw will take place at 12 noon GMT on Monday 1st March, you entry must be submitted by 12 noon GMT Sunday 28th February to qualify.
  4. All entrants agree to take a 30 minute phone call from Pentalogic Technology, to clarify details of your case study.
  5. All entrants agree to their case study being published by Pentalogic Technology, on line or in print.

2010: SharePoint New Year’s Resolutions

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A happy New Year to you – and 2010 looks like being an exciting one in the wonderful world of SharePoint

Here at Pentalogic we have a good crop of SharePoint New Years Resolutions.  We thought we would share them with you now – so that you can hold us to them if our resolve waivers down the line.

So here they are:

  1. Join a gym.
  2. Give up chocolate.
  3. Read “War and Peace”.

OK, so we’re never going to stick to those, lets focus on something realistic.


What’s In a Name?

Date:January 7th, 2010 Author: Tags: , ,
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Some of you may have noticed that with the introduction or our new website we also seen to have lost a product – CrossTab.

Don’t Panic!  It’s still there, we just changed the name.

And why have we done that?  Well with the exception of us here at Pentalogic, and a few hard core number crunchers out there no one seemed to understand the old name.

Not that many people seemed to know what a Cross Tab is. And if you Google it this is what you get:

“A Cross Tabulation – often abbreviated to “crosstab” is a statistical technique that establishes an interdependent relationship between two tables of values, but does not identify a causal relationship between the values.”


Phew, sounds like hard work!

Actually it’s pretty simple – it’s just what an Excel Pivot Table does – which is why we have changed the name to “PivotPoint” – which we hope will make sense to a lot more people.

Like a Pivot Table, Pivot Point is one of the handiest little data analysis tools you could wish for.  Use it to get a quick a quick and easy to interpret summary of the numerical data in your SharePoint lists.

Since we were somewhat lacking in inspiration when it came to finding a new name we picked the brains of lots of SharePoint users and experts.  The suggestions for PivotPoint came from Kirill Kirg in the MOSS group on LinkedIn.  So many thanks to Kirill!

And as always, if you have any comments or suggestions please do get in touch.

SharePoint PivotPoint Free Trial Download

Getting Cross (Tab)

Date:September 9th, 2009 Author: Tags: , ,
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Update: CrossTab has been renamed PivotPoint

Our newest web part for SharePoint is a data analysis tool called “CrossTab”

We really like it: it works a bit like an Excel pivot table but has some extra functionality that helps you to unlock the data patterns and trends in SharePoint lists.

But nobody except us seems to get it.  So we have prepared a quick video demo to show you how it works.


SharePoint CrossTab Web Part – Coming Soon!

Date:March 5th, 2009 Author: Tags: , , ,
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CrossTab Web Part - Pivot tables for SharePoint

Update: CrossTab has now been renamed Pivotpoint

This web part gives a CrossTab view of a SharePoint® list helping you to summarize and analyze data.

(CrossTabs are more commonly known from Microsoft Excel® as a Pivot Tables –