SPBiz – SharePoint conference for Business and Power Users!

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As with any technology a successfully SharePoint implementation relies just as much on the business and ‘softer’ user adoption skills as the technical aspects. Which is why I’ve always found it strange that there are huge amounts of great technical resources (books, examples, best-practices, blogs, conferences etc) but far less aimed at business and power users.

The free on-line SPBiz conference is going to balance this a little with its focus on the needs of SharePoint Business and Power Users. There is still some great technical content in there but the focus is on empowering the less technical audience with resources to get things done and make SharePoint a success.

Just some of the sessions at SPBiz!

  • Create a GTD Dashboard in Office 365 to “Get Things Done”
  • Want to use SharePoint for internal communications?
  • Secrets of Successful SharePoint Intranets
  • How to build a knowledge sharing culture
  • Strategies to Deliver Successful Employee Portals
  • Leverage SharePoint 2013 for Better Collaborative Project Management
  • How to be productive with Office 365
  • Change business processes into easy SharePoint workflows
  • Find out about the best “no-code” solutions for SharePoint
  • SharePoint Governance 101

June 17th and 18th – Free and Online.

Register Today for free or browse the Agenda for Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th.


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3 Responses to “SPBiz – SharePoint conference for Business and Power Users!”

  1. Elisabeth Bettermann says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Our enterprise – to put it simply let’s call it a consultants’ company (our services in concrete are listed here just in case you care or have applicable recommendations for us) – actually had planned to totally embed SharePoint to optimize our processes but then we wondered how we should manage to teach all our staff members “at once” how to use it. You see, we wanted to become the “business users” but basically it’s hard to tell how to realise that on such a large scale. Our Solution sofar: We formed smaller groups of employees in sections where SP seemes to be most appropriate (Social Media and CMS so far) and let those learn how to use the application and implement it usefully in every day’s work flow. So we have work flow losses just in smaller amounts and nontheless develop into a “SharePoint” Company, but a great problem remains: Our employees have to self-educate and so it’s good news to hear from you that there’s been made a start concerning online semninars. Unfortunately, this one’s been, em, yesterday? So my question in the Name of IO Consultants is of course: Will there be another one(s!) or is it still accessible?

    With best regards, E Bettermann

  2. Ryan says:

    Hi Elisabeth – I would think there will be another one as the organisers report this was a success – also the presentations will be made available on demand in a few days I’ve seen so best register and you will be notified by email. https://spbiz.conferencehosts.com/registration.aspx

  3. Elisabeth Bettermann says:

    Hi Ryan – thanks for your answer. And thanks for the registration url. And I apologize for my late answer – sometimes things don’t go the way they were intended to go.

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