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As many of you may know, SharePoint Overflow is site where anyone can find out anything about any version of SharePoint. Unlike other expert answer sites, it’s solely dedicated to solving SharePoint problems in all their forms.

In order for the community to continue to grow and thrive, SharePoint Overflow being melded into the enormous and varied Stack Exchange community.

Stack Exchange?

A shopping mall of different expert answer sites, based on the three original sites: Stack Overflow for developers, Server Fault for Systems Administrators, and Super User for power users.

Although Stack Exchange in general is an amazing and reliable resource for getting expert answers on tricky questions, all three of these sites cover slightly different aspects of SharePoint. Deciding which category a problem falls into can be a problem in itself.

If Stack Exchange is a shopping mall; imagine the three original sites as a clothes shop, shoe shop, and an accessory shop. These are all very large and full of useful things, but what about if I’m getting married? The clothes shop has a suit that’s a bit like a morning suit, the shoe shop has some shiny shoes that’ll do the job, and the accessory shop has a likely tophat hidden away at the back (but they’re only selling it “ironically”).

So at the end of this several hour long imaginary trip of rummaging I have something that passes as a suitable outfit. Unfortunately my wife-to-be sighs and points out that I could have done all this at the wedding shop (Shar LaPointe’s Ouverflowe) on the other side of town in a matter of minutes, and I wouldn’t have “I <3 Hatz” written on the front of my tophat.

So, why is this relevant to me?

Well, to get to the point, this is all about getting the wedding shop into the mall where it can be seen by slightly befuddled grooms.

If enough people get together and vote on the proposal, SharePoint Overflow gets it’s own spot in the bustling Stack Exchange community. It will consolidate the SharePoint questions and answers into a single place; becoming much more than the total of the individual sections.


A bigger community also means more and better quality answers for everyone. Even if you don’t ask such questions yourself, helping to bring this project to fruition means your future problem-investigating web searches are more likely to have useful results.

So who gets to vote?

You! Here’s how:

1. Follow this link to Area 51 (the Stack Exchange site proposal site):
SharePoint Overflow on Area 51
2. Press the big “Commit!” button
3. Put in your name, e-mail (there’s no spam or newsletters) and reason for loving SharePoint.
4. Take the next 20 seconds off work; you’ve earned it.

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