What is SharePoint?

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What is SharePoint?

How often do we get asked this question?

And how difficult is it to find a sensible answer?

There are really helpful diagrams like this one:

Are you any the wiser after looking at that?

Then suddenly we find ourselves spouting all manner of pompous business waffle: “extensible collaboration platform”, “business process automation solution”, “enterprise search capabilities” – oh dear!

And Mr Ballmer from Microsoft is prone to get lost in just the same quagmire of incomprehensible verbosity:

Hmmm . . . not sure that “kind of magical” is going to really enlighten our clients a whole lot!

So we were delighted when we came across this – also from Microsoft incidentally, which actually does explain SharePoint – in plain English:

We really liked that one and feel it gives a good overview of SharePoint for anyone who is new to this “kind of magical” bit of Software.

But for us old hands in need to a bit of light relief – how about this one:

Good for a laugh even if you don’t speak Russian.

And we have a prize for the first person to send us an English translation of the script.

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