SharePoint Case Study – Websense Pivot Through Their Marketing Dashboards

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Hi everyone.

We wanted to share this new SharePoint case study with you.  It shows how online security specialists Websense are using our PivotPoint webapart to slice and dice their marketing list data, and create some awesome, dynamic dashboards.

Websense were moving Excel spreadsheets into SharePoint lists.  In moving the data into SharePoint the marketing department didn’t want to lose the Pivot Table view that they had found so useful in Excel.

But nothing in SharePoint out of the box, or any of their existing 3rd party solutions could give them that Pivot Table in SharePoint.  The case study shows how PivotPoint delivers that functionality.

We were really pleased to get the case study because PivotPoint is perhaps the least understood of our products, but maybe one of the most useful.

Accountants and Statisticians have grown up with pivot tables and cross tabulations so they “get” the concept of a pivot view instantly.  But for the rest of us the concept can be a bit tricky to grasp in the abstract.

It’s only when you see it applied to your list data:  instantly presenting insights and summaries that might otherwise have taken you hours to uncover, that you really understand how it can help you.

So we hope you enjoy the Websense case study, and maybe it will give you some ideas about how you might use PivotPoint in your own SharePoint deployment.

Read the PivotPoint Case Study.


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