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Tip – Keyboard shortcut for Paste As Plain Text in SharePoint

Date:June 14th, 2012 Author: Tags: , ,
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If you spend any amount of time copy and pasting stuff into SharePoint’s wiki or rich text fields (or indeed working with web based rich text editors of any kind) then you’ve undoubtedly have been burned by the crAzY FormaAting monster! This is because the formatting that works so beautifully in one place may not work well in another site.

Of course in SharePoint 2010 you’ve got the Paste as plaintext option in the toolbar, but I am a keyboard warrior damn it! I don’t have time for faffing about with a mouse!

If you’re as impatient as I am (or aren’t using SharePoint 2010) you’ve probably got around this with the Notepad dance to remove formatting – Select source, CTRL+C, Open Notepad, CTRL+V, CTRL+A (select All), CTRL+C, switch to destination and finally CTRL+V to paste plain text… but there is an easier way – CTRL + SHIFT + V to Paste As Plain Text!

If you’re using :-