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SharePoint Online – options for email enabled document libraries and lists.

Date:August 18th, 2012 Author: Tags: , , ,
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“Email enabled document libraries” are a popular feature in SharePoint – you can send email to a specific address and the email gets put into a document library or list.

This feature isn’t supported in the hosted version of SharePoint (SharePoint Online / Office 365 or BPOS) but there are 3rd party apps that enable this.

A SaaS app that allows rules for what happens to the emails based on email address, content, attachments and promote email content to list meta data. Currently in limited beta, pricing not decided.

Runs as an application on a local workstation and moves emails from an Exchange Online mailbox to SharePoint Online list according to user defined rules. Free to use – support provided if you set MessageOps as ‘partner of record’.

SaaS app to to provide email enabled document libraries with options to store attachments away from SharePoint storage. Pricing not disclosed.

Desktop program that runs in the background on a user’s computer and move emails from Outlook 2007/2010 folders into SharePoint online or on-premises. From $165 per profile (folder/incoming email address).

Microsoft Office 365 – possibly the worst website design in the world – ever!

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So, as many of you know I work in marketing.  Since we are largely a web-based business I spend a lot of my time looking at and tinkering with websites.

And when I see really bad website design, it offends me.

I’m not so much talking aesthetics here.  Color schemes, layouts, text styles are after all pretty much a matter of personal taste.  Something that I view as hideous may be quite appealing to other people.