Using Calculated Columns with Yes/No (Boolean) fields in SharePoint

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A fairly common SharePoint question is how to deal with the Yes/No field type (technically known as Boolean fields) when using Calculated Columns.

Typically you may want to do something like change Yes/No to something else for display purposes – for example if the fields is for Important you could put “VIP” or blank in a View instead.

What does NOT work?

If we assume the Yes/No field is called “Important” then here are some of the formula that WILL NOT work


The reason is that you’re working with a Boolean field under the hood so TRUE is a special key word and TRUE is not the same as “TRUE” which is a string with the letters T, R, U and E in.

(I show my wife examples like this when she wants to know why computer programmers are so pedantic!)

These also fail :-



So what does work?

So what you can use instead is (note NO quotes!)


The opposite is of course

=IF([Important]=FALSE,"Not a VIP","A VIP")

You can also use this as a shorthand for =TRUE


For more tips on calculated columns be sure to check out our handy Calculated Column Cheat Sheet and other blog posts about SharePoint calculated columns and formulas.

Tip – for View Fitlers still use Yes or No (no quotes) – this is just for calculated column formula.


2 Responses to “Using Calculated Columns with Yes/No (Boolean) fields in SharePoint”

  1. Russ Herald says:

    Was banging my head on this one. I knew the answer had to be simple, but couldn’t find it. Thanks to your post, now I can stop banging my head. Thanks!

  2. Walter Navarrete says:

    Hi Ryan..

    I´m using SharePoint Online to validate a Yes/No field using exact the same format as you recommend but SharePoint always indicate that the formula has an error or is not supported.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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