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New Free Licenses for Non-Profits

Date:November 11th, 2009 Author: Tags: ,
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We are pleased to be able to let you know that we are introducing new free licenses for charities, community groups and philanthropic not for profit organizations on all of our products.

We have always offered a limited free Community license of our Reminder product, but a review of all of our licensing has allowed us to extend all our offering to charities and philanthropic non profit organizations.  We will now have a monthly quota of free licenses of all of our products available for non-profit organizations.

We will be making fully featured versions of all of our software available to charities and non-profits.  Any organizations interested should take a look at the relevant page of our website, to check that they qualify, then contact us at to obtain a license key.

Existing users of the free Community license for our Reminder web part are welcome to continue using the software and it will continue to be supported, however the Community license will not be available in future versions of the software (after v1.6.3).

If you are a Community license holder and want to upgrade to new versions of Reminder you will need to either obtain a new free license key from us if you are a qualifying non profit organization, or if you are a commercial organization purchase one of our commercial licenses.

We know there will be a few businesses who will lose out under the new system, but we hope that if you are one of the “losers” you will understand our reasons for making the change. As always, if you do have any questions or comments please do contact us.

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